The Massive Advantages Of Choosing a Credit Repair Lawyer Instead Of a Credit Repair Company

If your credit score is low and you want to be sure that it gets as high as possible, you have a choice between a credit repair lawyer and a credit repair company. Here are the best reasons to go with a credit repair lawyer.

Credit repair lawyers explain why repair your credit with them in Florida

1. We Write Legally Viable Dispute Letters To Get Negative Items Permanently Removed From Your Credit Report

Many credit repair companies simply say “not mine” or assert other disingenuous reasons for disputing a tradeline or collection item. These bogus reasons rarely get traction. If they do, it’s because the credit bureaus get overwhelmed with the number of credit dispute letters that they receive and simply defer making a determination. In the meantime, to avoid a lawsuit, they simply remove the collection item or disputed account, temporarily. Rest assured that when they finally conduct their reinvestigation, they put that negative item right back on your credit report.

With a legally viable dispute, they actually have to take time and analyze whether our dispute is correct. If they do not remove or update your tradeline, we usually file a lawsuit against them to get the item removed from your credit report. We also sue for our attorneys fees, costs and get you damages.

2. We Sign Our Name Yo Your Dispute Letters

Unlike many credit repair companies, as a law firm, we do not operate in the shadows. We don’t try to hide who we are. In fact, we want the credit bureaus to know that we are representing you so that they review our dispute letters seriously.

3. We Charge You Nothing For Writing Dispute Letters

We are so confident that the credit bureaus or the creditors will not update your credit report correctly or will fail to delete the item that we do not charge for writing dispute letters. In fact, we will write up to 3 dispute letters for you in our 3 for Free Program. If we have to litigate against the credit bureaus, we charge you nothing out of pocket. We only make money when we successfully settle cases on your behalf. We collect our fees only from the settlements we obtain on your behalf.

4. We Don’t Charge You Monthly Fees

The CFPB and FTC have determined that charging monthly fees for credit repair is illegal. Credit repair companies still, however, charge monthly fees for credit repair as they are mostly non-compliant with the law. We don’t charge you any monthly fees. In fact, we charge you nothing out of pocket for drafting up to 3 dispute letters or litigation.

Check Out Our 3 For Free Program At Credit Repair Lawyers Of Florida

Credit Repair Lawyers of Florida has a 3 for Free program. We will draft up to 3 dispute letters for you in exchange for your credit report. There is absolutely no charge to the consumer for this as we make our money by suing the credit bureaus and the lenders who screw up your credit report. Our litigation program has no out of pocket charge to you. Call us today at 877-293-2882 or visit us at Credit Repair Lawyers Of Florida. You can also email us for more information at [email protected].


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