Stop Debt Collectors In Florida

Stop Debt Collectors With No
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If you, your friends or family are being contacted by a debt collector, we can make the calls stop. If they act inappropriately, we can get you monetary damages, too.

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Professional Lawyers Helping You Stop Harassment From Creditors In Florida

Professional Lawyers Helping You Stop Harassment From Debt Collectors In Florida

Protecting Florida Residents From Harassing Phone Calls From Debt Collectors

Since 2008, our team of Florida credit repair lawyers have been helping people just like you become free of creditor harassment. Whether you owe money or you don’t, NO ONE has the right to harass you.

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Stop Bill Collectors From Calling You In Florida

The last thing you need is to face harassment and constant phone calls from bill collectors. Contact Credit Repair Lawyers of Florida and we will act instantly to stop the constant barrage!

Common FDCPA Violations By Florida Debt Collectors

Dedicated Consumer Rights Lawyers Enforcing
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in Florida

  • Debt Disclosure To Third Parties
  • Contact Without Identifying Themselves
  • Calling Before 8 a.m. Or After 9 p.m.
  • Lie Or Misrepresent The Status Or Amount Of The Debt Owed
  • Calling At Work After Telling Them It’s Inconvenient Or Your Employer Prohibits It
  • The Use Or Threat Of Use Of Violence Or Other Criminal Means
  • The Use Of Obscene, Profane, Or Abusive Language
  • The Publication Of A List Of Consumers Who Refuse To Pay Debts
  • The Advertisement For Sale Of Any Debt To Coerce Payment Of The Debt
  • Repeated Collection Calls Or Calling To Annoy, Abuse, Or Harass The Consumer

Disputing Collections Without Talking To Debt Collectors

Let Us Handle All Communication With Debt Collectors

We sue debt collectors for not only the money they owe you for violating your rights, but we make them pay our fees and costs as well. We collect our fees and costs from the total funds collected from the defendant. This way, nothing is paid out of your pocket.

How a credit report gets damaged without your knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Collector Harrassment

Established in 1978, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was created to eliminate all abusive, deceptive, or unfair debt collection practices, such as telephone harassment or other. The act only applies to personal, family, or household debt.
Established in 1991, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted by Congress to protect individuals and households by restricting the use of automatic telephone dialing systems and telemarketing calls that utilize prerecorded voice messages.
It is critical to know your rights when called by a debt collector. If they are utilizing abusive, unfair, or dishonest practices when collecting debts or contacting you via phone, they are acting out of accordance with the FDCPA.
You can write a letter requesting no more communication, be sure to document all contact and harassment, file a complaint with the FTC, or consider taking legal action. You deserve to be treated with respect and integrity!
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