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Florida residents pay their bills and mind their business.  However, they frequently get charged for things that they did not receive, did not authorize or worse yet, rejected because what was sold were different than what was delivered.  
Sleazy merchants abound here in the sunshine state. Thanks to the internet, its easy to get taken advantage of by merchants from around the world.  In Florida, many consumers have issues with charges on their credit card statements.  So what should you do if there is a charge on  your credit card statement that you either did not authorize or relates to goods or services that you did not receive?  Answer – Dispute the credit card charge.

In Florida, sending a credit card dispute is easy, but tricky

The process is very straight forward. The problem, as always, is in the details.

If you find a charge on your credit card statement that is incorrect, send a dispute letter to the credit card company. Be sure to identify yourself, the charge and state the problem with the charge. Do this in writing only. Many times, a credit card company will invite you to call them. You can do this too, so long as you also send a written letter as well. Your rights may not be protected without the written letter.

Within 30 days from the date that they receive your letter, they must send you an acknowledgement from the credit card company of your dispute. If it fails to do so, it has violated your rights entitling you to monetary damages.

Wait no longer than 2 billing cycles to get its decision. Again, this is your right to get a speedy decision.

What if the credit card
company keeps the charge in your account?

If the credit card company overrules your objection to the charge, you have a right to an explanation of how they arrived at their decision. Moreover, you have a right to demand that they turn over all documents that they reviewed in their investigation into your dispute.

Its far easier to just let us review your matter and see if we can sue the merchant and credit card company and get your credit card statement right. You have a very short 1 year statute of limitations to file suit, starting from the date that the credit card company receives your dispute. Time is not on your side. Moreover, if you refuse to pay the bill without taking legal action, the creditor has the right report you as late on account to the credit bureaus. This can trash your credit score. Your better move is to take action and sue them.

If we have to file a lawsuit, we will not charge you anything out of your pocket for our fees and costs. We will only look to what we collect on your behalf from the defendants, for our fees and costs.


Here is how the Credit Card Dispute Process works

lawyer sending a written dispute letter to the credit card company
Write a letter to the company

Send a written dispute letter to the credit card company. Usually, you can use the credit card statement for this purpose. Identify the charge and the problem you have with it. Note – your dispute must be received by the credit card company within 60 days from the date of the credit card statement

lawyer looking through receipts
They must acknowledge it

The credit card company must acknowledge receipt of your dispute within 30 days of receiving it. Do not pay the charge or any related interest while its in dispute

lawyer investigating credit card company
They must investigate

The credit card company must investigate your dispute. They cannot simply take the merchant’s word. They must review documents that show your individual liability for the charge

providing investigation results
They must give you results of the investigation

If credit card company finds the merchant is in error, they must credit you for the charge and any related interest. If they find against you, they must explain why. You have a right to ask for documentation showing you liability

 lawyer suing credit card company and the merchant for the errant or bogus charges
What if they find against you?

You can sue the credit card company and the merchant for the errant or bogus charges. You can get actual and statutory damages along with costs and attorneys fees if you are successful.

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Call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We can handle your credit card dispute for you. If they don’t see things our way and we litigate, we will not charge you anything out of pocket