The range of credit scores is between 300-850. Though ranges vary depending on the specific credit score model, you can generally expect scores ranging from 580-669 to be fair, 670-739 to be good, and 740-799 to be very good, and any score over 800 is considered excellent. The average score is approximately 711. Speak with our credit repair lawyers to learn ways to improve your score!

First and most important, if the collection account or debt on your credit report is not yours, do not pay it! Dispute it through the credit bureau or consult with a Florida credit dispute lawyer for guidance. However, if the collection account is legitimately yours and is paid, the only way it can be removed is when the credit bureaus are legally required to do so.
You can get your free credit reports from or We recommend both.

When checking credit score, there are two types of inquiries: hard and soft. Typically when you check your own credit score, it is considered a soft inquiry and will not affect your credit. You can also check through Equifax or TransUnion, or even Credit Karma as often as you need to without negatively affecting the score. However, checking for the purpose of loans or financing will slightly lower your score.