Are You A Victim Of A Cash APP Scammer?

we can help you if your bank account was scammed via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal or other cash Apps

All at no out pocket charge. The law makes the bank pay you damages & our fees!

Don’t Be A Victim Of A Cash App Scammer
Let Us Get Your Money Back For You

Did someone Hack Your Cash App Or Bank Account?

You may be able to get it back. Cash apps like Paypal, Venmo and Zelle are very popular today. Thieves love these apps, especially Zelle since its baked right into most bank accounts and there is no way to turn it off. Once a bad guy gets ahold of your cash app, he can drain your bank account down to nothing.

If you have been victimized by a cash app or Bank Account Scammer, we may be able to help you at no out of pocket charge to you.

But you must act quickly!

Under the law, the Electronic Funds Transfers Act, the quicker you act, the more of your money you can get back.

Here’s How It Works:

i. Bad guy takes money out of your account without your permission or tricks you into giving him your credentials.
ii. As soon as you learn about the fraud, you have to notify the bank, credit union or financial institution (“the bank”). Why? Because:
iii. If you notify the bank within 2 days of learning of the loss of money, you can get back everything over $50 that you lost;
iv. If you notify the bank after 2 days of the loss or theft but within 60 days of your statement date, you can get back everything over $500. After 60 days, you are out of luck.

The bank bears the burden of proving that the transaction was authorized by you, if it cannot, you are entitled to a REFUND.

As soon as you notify the bank of your loss, the bank must investigate your claim or provisionally give you back the money.

Its embarrassing to get scammed, but it happens a lot more than might think.

We have been scammed and frankly, we are pretty smart lawyers. It happened to us and it can happen to you. The difference is that we know how to enforce our rights under the law and we can enforce your rights as well.

Don’t be a victim of Bank Account Fraud.

We can stand up for your rights today and it will cost you nothing out of pocket. Under the law, the banks have to pay our fees and costs for successfully representing you. We have a very high rate of success.

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Consumer Rights Attorney
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Time is not on your side.
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