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Credit card disputes have become as popular as online purchases and identity theft.  Why? Because its so very easy to steal someone’s credit card information.  Peoples’ credit card information is now stolen in droves by things such as online security breaches.  Many large retailers have experienced at least one security breach exposing your credit card information to really bad people.

Ignoring the bogus charges on your credit card account is not an option.

If you discover a bogus charge on your credit card account, you have three options:

What you need to know about credit card disputes.

They are very simple to make but have very short and serious timelines you have to follow.

Call the bank to dispute the bogus charge and follow up in writing.  The law requires that the dispute be in writing.  While many banks will honor and encourage you to make your dispute orally, some banks such as Bank of America, will not honor a dispute made over the phone.  We know this because have dealt with many banks and so far, Bank of America is the only one to insist on full legal compliance. 

You have 60 days from the date that the bogus charge appears on your credit card statement to dispute the charge.  Don’t blow it.  If you go past the 60 days, you can still dispute it with the merchant, but that is a pain in the neck.  You are always better off dealing with your bank than some merchant that is probably located out of town.

Be sure to get a confirmation of your dispute from your bank.  This can  your proof that you disputed the bogus charge with your bank.  Many times, it will come in the mail and other times, it can be an email from the bank. Citibank likes to email these disputes.  Be sure you get your confirmation within 1 week of making the dispute.

Keep a look out for the bank’s decision on your dispute.  You should receive this decision within 2 billing cycles or 60 days from the date  of your dispute.  Again, there is a very short 1 year time period to sue the bank if the bank rules against you.

When the bank declines your dispute….You only have 1 year from that date to file a lawsuit against the bank.  Warning….as tempting as it may be to sue the bank on your own, its not a DIY project.  You can file the lawsuit in small claims court, but if you do, the bank will hand the lawsuit to their attorneys who are well verse in this law.  The attorneys will remove the case to the general jurisdiction of the court and then get your case dismissed.  Why?  Because they can.  They get a steady diet of DIYers who want to be a lawyer for a day.  Not a good idea.

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We can help you with your dispute at no out of pocket charge to you. The law allows us to seek our fees and costs from the bank so you do not have to go out of pocket to pay us.

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