Get Up To 3 Credit Repair Dispute Letters From Us At No Out Of Pocket Charge

With our new “3 for Free Program”, we will draft up to 3 dispute letters on your behalf at no out of pocket charge to you. Credit Repair companies will charge you monthly for this service, but we will not.

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What Credit Repair Companies Do Not Want You To Know

What Credit Repair Companies Do Not Want You To Know

If negative items do not come off your credit report after the “first round” of letters, they are not coming off without litigation. If you knew this, you would not want to continue to pay a credit repair company for dispute letters, month after month.

With our new program, you don’t pay anything out of pocket to get your credit report fixed. We will send up to 3 dispute letters on your behalf at no charge to you. If the credit bureaus do not remove the negative information, then we may sue on your behalf to these negative items removed.

A Credit Repair Law Firm is a better solution for you than a credit repair company.

As Credit Repair lawyers, we will draft legally viable dispute letters to remove negative items that incorrectly appear on your credit report. Many credit repair companies dispute everything that is negative on your credit report. Others will simply dispute correctly reporting items as “not mine.” Neither of these strategies is sound nor legal.

Whether we sign your name to your dispute letter (with your permission of course) or we sign a dispute letter ourselves on your behalf, the credit bureaus know that your dispute letter is coming from us as lawyers and not a credit repair company. They tend to take our dispute letters more seriously than those that come directly from consumers or credit repair companies which they refer to as “credit clinics.”

We find ways that credit reporting agencies and lenders report things in a manner in which they should not. Debt collectors and debt buyers are notorious for reporting information incorrectly on peoples’ credit reports.

Paying For Credit Repair Is Now Dead…. And Now Illegal.

It is illegal for a credit repair company to charge fees to a consumer until 6 months after the credit repair company has fixed the consumer’s credit report. The Federal Trade Commission has a special rule called the Telemarketing Sales Rule that requires a credit repair company to provide a consumer with a credit report that proves that all of the credit repair work has been done and that report has to be dated at least 6 months after the work has been completed. They are serious about enforcing this rule, too. This means that a credit repair company can no longer charge you monthly fees for fixing your credit.

Since 2019, the CFPB has filed a pile of lawsuits against credit repair companies for violating this 6 month rule. In September of 2021, they filed a lawsuit against a credit repair software developer for helping people who have violated this 6 month rule. You do not want to end up on the CFPB’s radar for any reason.

Paying For Credit Repair Is Now Dead.... And Now Illegal.

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The many other problems with using a credit repair company instead of a Credit Repair Law Firm

Many credit repair companies dispute everything negative on your credit report. This is a tell-tale sign that the letter is either one that came from the internet or from a credit repair company. Either way, the credit bureaus have a right to declare a dispute letter as “frivolous” and not respond to it, if the letter is baseless. These kinds of letters are baseless.

Other credit repair companies go out of their way to manufacture disputes when none exists such as “the account number is missing digits” or “I don’t recognize the full name of the creditor.” Telling un-truths to a credit bureau can get a consumer and the credit bureau into deep trouble as it is a violation of the Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”) to lie in connection with a dispute with respect to your credit.

Worse yet is when some credit repair companies demand that the credit bureau provide them with all documentation necessary to show that the consumer owes the debt. This is not the credit bureaus’ job. They have no obligation to provide the consumer with anything. It also demonstrates a complete ignorance of the law. We understand the law and have been litigating cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) for many years now.

Best reasons to join our 3 for Free Program.

Best reasons to join our 3 for Free Program.

  • We have the most innovative reasons to legitimately dispute negative items on your credit report.
  • It costs you nothing out of pocket.

  • Credit repair companies typically write horrible and illegal letters to dispute information on your reports.
  • We sign our names to your dispute letters or otherwise notify the credit bureau that we are representing you.
  • We don’t get paid unless there is credit repair litigation. Even then, we do not collect any fees unless we are successful for you.